I can almost forget about “13 Going on 30″…

After a seven month hiatus, I recently returned to my home town and was able to enjoy all the perks of life at home: nothing I ate came from the microwave, for once my bank account gained some rather than lost some, and I had the distinct pleasure of getting my teeth cleaned. Though IContinue reading “I can almost forget about “13 Going on 30″…”

Is it possible that all you need is a good gay lover?

The following are the best questions taken from the “Heterosexual Questionnaire” in Gender in Canada, 4th Edition. Since it is awesome I felt it needed to be re-blogged. The Heterosexual Questionnaire 1. What do you think caused your heterosexuality? 3. Is it possible that your heterosexuality is just a phase you may grow out of?Continue reading “Is it possible that all you need is a good gay lover?”

Good girls do

Guys ‘do it’ all the time, but girls don’t really ‘do it’ that much, my sister told me, carefully tiptoe-ing around the subject of masturbation. I looked at her, thinking she’s 17, into alternative culture and fashion, and will endlessly argue her progressive views about sexual orientation and transgender rights… how can SHE still clingContinue reading “Good girls do