The Femme Politics of Legally Blonde: An Interview with Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of Legally Blonde, the quintessential femme cult classic – or at least the closest we’ve got so far. I’ve already used this blog to parse out what Legally Blonde can teach us about femme theory, but for the 20th anniversary I wanted to hear from other femmes: surely itContinue reading “The Femme Politics of Legally Blonde: An Interview with Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin”

Taking Sodom Road Exit Home

To me, Fort Erie will always be a place of bootlegged 60oz-bottles, ladies’ nights, and pink vomit coloured by too many half-price vodka crans; and Crystal Beach, just a sandy bank riddled with fish carcasses. But to my mother Crystal Beach was the place she long ago spent her summers, training her white skin toContinue reading “Taking Sodom Road Exit Home”

Crying in December

It is December and Mr. Dressup is making Christmas stockings out of construction paper on the CBC. The rise and fall of his vowels — remnants of that ‘Canadian dainty’ lilt. I hear my grandfather’s voice, “at all, a-tall, ah-Tall.” Mr. Dressup writes names on the stockings in perfect cursive, the kind my grandmother wrote myContinue reading “Crying in December”

35 Things Carly Rae Jepsen Taught Us About Scorp/Sag Intimacies

co-written with Morgan Bimm Morgan and I inhabit our own world in which Carly Rae Jepsen reigns as queen (other inhabitants include an unlikely combination of gay men and noise musicians), and November 21st is our highest of holidays: the day when our seasons overlap (Scorpio season becomes Sagittarius season), and the very day ourContinue reading “35 Things Carly Rae Jepsen Taught Us About Scorp/Sag Intimacies”

On Being an Indoor Femme

When we got the stay home order, my acrylic nails hadn’t been filled for over two weeks. The layer of shellac had already inched up far enough to reveal the half moons rising above my cuticles. And by then it was too late. There would be no nail fills for the foreseeable future.  I lookedContinue reading “On Being an Indoor Femme”

On Being a Dirtbag Femme: An Interview with Morgan Bimm

Morgan and I met in grad school, but our bond really solidified when we wrote an academic book chapter together about Carly Rae Jepsen. Through the process, we discovered we have so much more in common than just our love for intellectual curiosity about Carly Rae Jepsen: we graduated from the same journalism program, rockedContinue reading “On Being a Dirtbag Femme: An Interview with Morgan Bimm”

What We Can Learn About Femme Theory from Legally Blonde

We may never agree on what femme means, except to agree that femme’s meaning is boundless. Indeed, much of femme writing so far has bounded beyond our previous understandings, has written into the space around femme. This writing has been important interjections, slicing in to the word and carving out a space to insert ourselves.Continue reading “What We Can Learn About Femme Theory from Legally Blonde”

Dad’s House

My dad’s house was first built as a summer cottage along the U.S-Canadian border. Long before we moved in, someone hoisted it onto a flatbed truck and carried it north to a place called Puslinch, Ontario. In 1968, they built an addition off the north side but you wouldn’t know it to look at it—itContinue reading “Dad’s House”

Boys to the Back: On the Subtleties of Male Entitlement

I’ve been writing love letters to mosh pits since I was in high school. But this is not a love letter. There are few things I love more than thrashing around at shows with my friends. This feels like the whole point of having a body, the best part of being material. We all become newContinue reading “Boys to the Back: On the Subtleties of Male Entitlement”

Two Mantras for 28

Twenty-seven was a bad year for me. There’s no way around it, it’s quantifiable. Twenty-eight was also hard, but it was the year I started to make sense out of twenty-seven. It’s been a slog, and I know I am not done yet. I wrote these two mantras, named after tarot cards I pulled overContinue reading “Two Mantras for 28”