Dating Men is a Public Service That Men Don’t Deserve, But Women Do

This is a post about rape.





I keep in casual contact with a dude I dated a year ago. A few weeks ago he revealed that he was having a “terrible” week. He said he wanted to tell me what was going on with him because he wasn’t sure I would take his side. I immediately wrote back, “If it’s about a girl, I’m already on her side lol.”

A few nights later, he called me in the middle of the night. I didn’t pick up, because that’s the type of call you ignore. I messaged him in the morning asking what was up. He told me some “dumb girl” accused him of rape and he had been arrested and was in talks with lawyers. I froze. I was stuck between two impulses. The first was to block him immediately and vomit. That felt like the right thing to do, both physically and politically. But I also knew I had an opportunity. I could spend a few minutes talking to him about what he had done and try to get him to take some responsibility. That also felt right politically, if not physically. So that’s what I did.

I was more generous than he deserved. I asked him to consider the possibility that he had crossed a line, even if he didn’t realize it at the time. I told him it would serve everyone better if he listened to what she had to say. Inevitably, he told me to fuck off and deleted me from his friends list.

It was a pretty sickening exchange. It wiped me out emotionally and frankly it scared me. I spent the rest of the day crying and asking male friends to send me pizza to soften the impact of this misogynist world. (I got two pizzas.) I don’t know if I did the right thing in trying to talk to this guy. I wondered if I had said something else if it would have made a difference. I thought back to the time I spent dating him. This was a guy who I asked to use condoms when we slept together, but he never did. This was a guy who I told not to cum inside me, but who did anyway. This was a guy who regularly crossed my sexual boundaries and thought nothing of it. Though I had told him his behaviour was not okay, I couldn’t help wondering if I had said something else, had a stronger response, gotten through to him somehow, would some other woman not be going through hell right now? Or was I a fool for trying at all?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past year defending women I don’t know to men who supposedly used to care about them, who supposedly cared about me. This includes explaining why they should believe the women who say they’ve assaulted them. This includes explaining why agreeing with some dude that their ex-girlfriend of over six years is a “cunt” for disliking Arrested Development is a misogynist thing to do. I have sat with men who I know are rapists, with men who have assaulted me, and still carefully explained consent and rape culture. I have made more than one personalized Power Point presentation explaining male privilege. These men don’t deserve my time, my careful explanations, my patience, my creativity, my experiences, my tears, my expertise, or my generosity. But women do.

These things shouldn’t be happening. But they are. Men should be better. But they aren’t. It shouldn’t be my job. But who else is doing it? As long as I have the capacity, and as long as men call women “dumb” or “cunts” for disagreeing with them, I will be there with my years of feminist study and my sassy jokes and my “this-is-unacceptable” voice. I will use anything at my disposal, from Star Wars analogies to Power Point, and I will be more tender than they deserve. Does this make me a fool? Maybe. But I don’t do it for them. I do it for you, the legions of women I have never met, but still love and will always believe.

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12 thoughts on “Dating Men is a Public Service That Men Don’t Deserve, But Women Do

  1. Here’s your bitter man-hating article, but this is the reality: Any Google search will quickly tell you that it is men who are no longer pursuing women for relationships. Just look at all your girls complaining about the lack of male attention. You and all of them need to get used to it. You’re dangerous and toxic, and you add no value to our lives. Being with you is a miserable experience, and you’re not even worth the effort it takes to avoid you. Now please get over yourselves. Men have left the plantation, and we’re not coming back.

  2. Great article Andi! Inevitably with every new bf I get I ask him “do you think you’ve ever sexually assaulted a woman?” And they always say “I think so, yeah…”. I appreciate their honestly reflecting on younger times when their concept of consent was far shittier, but it’s always always painful.

    1. That is completely F-d up. I know a small subset of guys I *used to* hang around with (as part of a group) who have sexually assaulted women. But, most men I know have not. No confusion about it. They simply haven’t. You are finding the worst men, and I think you need to figure out why.

      1. You’re really misplacing the blame here. The concern shouldn’t be why or how someone is “finding” these dudes, but rather that these dudes sexually assaulted someone, or that sexual assault happens at all. This points to the concern that sexual assault is much more pervasive than we maybe realize. I’d say that is a better/more productive thing to “figure out.”

      2. Ok what about when men are sexually assulted by women

        Should women get due process in that sanerio or should it be like how you feminists want and she is guilty apon accusation

      3. You seem very tied to a legal understanding of sexual assault, which is not at all what this post is about. Can you imagine an understanding of sexual assault that is beyond or outside of the legal system? You’re creative, just look at how you spelled scenario!

  3. Oh I wonder why he told you to fuck off

    You didn’t back him at all and assumed he was guilty without any evidence presented

    He was litterally scared you were gonna hate him, that says something about you as a person, that you are so insane feminist logic that he thought you might do exactly what you did instead of hearing his side

    He did the right thing in trying to fight against it, are legal system is based on evidence not emotion, you are innocent untill your PROVEN guilty not the other way around

    So honey you should do us all a favor and fuck off with your ideals that we should prosacute men solely based on accusation and not evidence

  4. If women really want to know the truth about why men are increasingly avoiding them, they might start be reading the female comments on this thread. The entitlement and victimization can be detected at very long distances – just as men can detect that women are far too much trouble to be bothered with. If they want to know more, they can find plenty of commentary about what divorce does to men.
    So stow that public service crap. The only guys still interested in you only want to get laid so they can add another notch to the bedpost. The rest of us want nothing to do with you anymore.

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