I love Gilmore Girls, but…

I just watched the episode “The Big One” (Season 3, Episode 16) and the message it sends to young, teenaged, college-bound girls is pretty puke-tastic.

Paris had sex with Jamie (and we’re supposed to be shocked) and has to hash it out with Rory to figure out if it was a good or a bad thing. The questions Rory asks that will supposedly reveal whether it was the right or wrong decision are:

– were you safe?

– was he nice to you?

– did the two of you discuss it?

Gaping hole in the line of questioning: did you have fun? did you want to? how was it? Anything along those lines is probably necessary to figure out if sex is good or bad.

Loralai overhears this conversation and finds out Rory has never had sex. She whispers to her self “I got the good kid” and tells Rory she’s going to take her shopping. Because good kids don’t have sex, bad kids have sex. And virginity of course should be rewarded with new shoes (because she’s a girl and what girl doesn’t love new shoes, right?).

Then, Paris doesn’t get into Harvard, and of course she blames it on losing her virginity. Again, because having sex is a punishable offense. If there’s no pregnancy scare or STI symptom, the TV universe will still punish you somehow for being a big, dirty whore.

Rory does get into Harvard. And Yale. And Princeton. Because she’s “the biggest virgin in the world.”

Puke, puke, puke.

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One thought on “I love Gilmore Girls, but…

  1. Well this is wrong all over the place! The media needs to stop this see-sawing with its views on sex, we go from one extreme of nakedness to THIS. I just think it needs to be normalised, like most things in life. Why do we constantly need to categorise these things into ‘bad’ or ‘good’? Anyway, really enjoyed the post

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