I can almost forget about “13 Going on 30″…

After a seven month hiatus, I recently returned to my home town and was able to enjoy all the perks of life at home: nothing I ate came from the microwave, for once my bank account gained some rather than lost some, and I had the distinct pleasure of getting my teeth cleaned.

Though I still maintain the dentist is often more embarrassing and uncomfortable than a trip to the gyno (um, ever had your teeth sand-blasted?) I was delighted to come to some surprising realizations.

While I don’t know exactly how many hours I spent in dentist waiting rooms over the break, I can attest that it was long enough to find myself flipping through back issues of Canadian fashion magazines. My delight came from reading about ladies with some pretty bad-ass things to say.

How bad-ass?

I bought the March issue of Flare just so I could give covergirl Jennifer Garner some well-deserved props.

“Garner’s motivation for adding ‘producer’ to her already packed resume is steadfast – she wants to showcase more strong female characters.

‘In films they really want the woman to be dominated by a male lead, or you have one woman in a movie with six men and maybe she has a kooky female best friend,’ says Garner from her home in L.A.”

Hell fucking yeah, Jennifer Garner. If I was in charge of the She-bonics column in Bust, you would so be in it.

I have more to post, but first I have to figure out how to get my hands on the February 2009 issue of Chatelaine…

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